April 27, 2017

Sage Grouse Habitat and Conservation

Sage Grouse Sage Grouse Rooster and Hens

The sage grouse (Centrocercus urophaseania) has declined throughout its North American range. This decline has been particularly pronounced at the edge of the species’ range. Thus, my recent M.S. student Gail Popham studied sage grouse habitat selection at the edge of its range in NE California. We will be presenting these results at the 8th International Grouse Congress in Beijing, China in August 2002.

I am also interested in the conservation of the sage grouse and the sage grouse ecosystem because of the interaction of game bird management, habitat management, and private land management. As an expression of this interest I was asked to summarize a sage grouse symposium at the 2001 TWS annual meeting in Reno, Nevada. In addition, I serve as a technical advisor for a large ranch in Wyoming/Montana for their effort to manage grouse and other wildlife.