April 27, 2017

Other Projects

Ecology and Management of Upland Game Birds

I have worked on New World quail, doves, and pigeons for 3 decades. Most of my past research has been on Mountain and California Quail, their ecology, management, and evolution. In addition, I have been assisting in the REGHAB (Reconciling Game Bird Hunting and Biodiversity) project sponsored by the European Union. I participated in two workshops held in Scotland in February 2002.

 Habitat Ecology

Many of my students have studied various aspects of wildlife habitat relationships, particularly forest birds. I believe understanding these relationships provides the basis for appropriate management of wildlife habitats. Our studies have ranged from basic natural history to more complex ecological studies (see Spotted Owl and Grouse projects). The ultimate goals of long term studies are to understand the mechanisms in habitat selection.



Hunting has been an important social, economic, and management activity in North America and the world. I am particularly interested in the role hunters have played and continue to play in conservation of habitat and species. In addition, I am interested in the potential contribution private landowners make to conservation of biodiversity by virtue of their maintaining property for hunting. In this latter effort, I have been advising land owners on hunting and wildlife management on their property since 1980.

Blakiston’s Fish Owl

Visit www.fishowls.com for more information about this charismatic owl.